Russell Westbrook shot his shot on Valentine’s Day and airballed it (Video)

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Russell Westbrook proved anyone is capable of shooting their shot and airballing on Valentine’s Day.Russell Westbrook may be an NBA star and former MVP, but he’s really just a man of the people.How else are we supposed to interpret him shooting his shot — and airballing it — on Valentine’s Day, complete with that perfectly relatable reaction?Early in the second quarter of the Washington Wizards‘ Sunday game against the Boston Celtics, Westbrook went to the free-throw line. His shot came up well short — a feeling we’re all familiar with on V-Day:Russell Westbrook’s reaction was pricelessAs if the airballed free throw and the obvious Valentine’s Day symbolism wasn’t funny enough, Westbrook’s reaction to his horrible misfire was downright hysterical.Seriously, look at it again:Westbrook looks confused, distraught and personally affronted by his own terrible shot all at once. His own airball offended him, as if the ball suddenly stopped doing what he was commanding it to do. What better way to react to one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to you on a basketball court?Russ had a rough first half, putting up 6 points on 3-of-11 shooting. Fortunately, he also chipped in 8 assists and 6 rebounds, and the Wizards held a 55-43 lead at halftime. For a Washington squad that entered Sunday with an ugly 6-17 record, every win is an asset as they try to keep Bradley Beal from outright requesting a trade.Westbrook’s arrival hasn’t helped much in that respect, and airballing free throws is hardly the way to convince him to stay. But on this day of love, where people all over the country are shooting their shot, we can only express our sympathy to one of the NBA’s biggest names shooting his shot and completely missing the mark.

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