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Why Cyprus For Study Abroad

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I would love to check out the potential for united state college students to examine abroad in Cyprus and also review the importance of students and also Research study Abroad Advisors discovering Cyprus as a relevant and purposeful research study abroad location.

First off, let’s consider those perceived challenges to research abroad in Cyprus.

1. Few Americans know much about Cyprus.

– so what? Allow’s learn!

– most that do know about Cyprus, enjoy it

– Cyprus is a modern, prospering EU (European Union) nation as well as ought to be recognized by Americans

2. Due to the fact that the mother tongue in Cyprus is Greek, lots of American trainees and also Research Abroad Advisors could inaccurately assume that unless students are proficient in Modern Greek language, they would certainly not be able to examine at a Cypriot institution of college.

– yes, the official language of Cyprus is Greek, however most of the population is multi-lingual as well as English is generally spoken as a 2nd language

– the College of Nicosia uses English as the official language (expect in the School of Education) of instruction as well as administration

– non-Greek talking pupils can easily navigate the college, the community and also travel throughout Cyprus in English just

3. There are very couple of institution of higher learnings in Cyprus

– up until 2008, there was just one (1) college in Cyprus

– in 2008, 4 exclusive universities where granted university-level status by the Ministry of Education and learning

– The College of Nicosia was developed over 25 years ago on the united state college structure and also operates academically as well as administratively alongside a lot of U.S. universities.

4. Cypriot organizations have not advertised themselves to the American study abroad market

– up until 2004 when the University of Nicosia (previously Intercollege) established Global Learning Semesters as an organization to serve as the worldwide advertising and U.S. pupil assistance for Intercollege, there was really little promotion of Cypriot college to the united state college student market.

– Global Learning Semesters currently sustains numerous U.S. college students researching at the University of Nicosia yearly.

5. Due to the fact that Cyprus is a bi-communal culture divided by a United Nations demilitarized area, some individuals may assume Cyprus is a dangerous area.

– Cyprus is a democratically stable country, prospering participant of the European Union, as well as has not experienced any violence related to the bi-communal status since 1974.

– An ideal understanding lab for students, the bi-communal standing of Cyprus is wonderful location for students to learn about global relationships, active UN settlements, as well as ethnic/national departments in a steady, non-violent society.

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